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    Jeep Compass e-Hybrid

    COMPASS GETS A FRESHER SPARK (some text hidden)

    By Jonathan Crouch

    Jeep aims to improve the efficiency of mainstream versions of its Compass model with innovative e-Hybrid technology. Jonathan Crouch takes a look.

    Ten Second Reviewword count: 60

    Jeep's Compass e-Hybrid claims to blend both mild hybrid and self-charging full-Hybrid technology together into one, efficient and quite affordable C-segment SUV package. But you have to have auto transmission and there's no 4WD option. Plus there are all the improvements lately added to this significantly updated MK2 Compass model. It's something a bit different - in almost every way.

    Backgroundword count: 125

    We all know what a real Jeep looks like - rough, tough and wilderness-ready. You might though, be less acquainted with the models this growing brand wants to sell to ordinary, family SUV buyers. Cars like this one, the Compass, aimed directly at the buoyant mid-sized Qashqai segment, especially in this more efficient e-Hybrid guise. Electrification will of course be the over-riding theme in future Jeep models - the company's already shown us how its first full EV will look. For now though, the brand still needs to sell with fossil fuel in the SUV market's core C-segment, a class the brand has unsuccessfully been trying to crack for years. Will this Compass e-Hybrid give Jeep a genuine contender in the Qashqai class? Let's see.

    Driving Experienceword count: 308

    Jeep calls this a 'Hybrid', but it's probably best to view the 1.5-litre 130hp e-Hybrid powertrain as a mild hybrid package with a few extra tricks up its sleeve. The fact that it's based around a belt starter generator which drives the engine stop/start system suggests that, as does the fairly unremarkable set of overall efficiency stats. Evidence that the e-Hybrid set-up wasn't primarily developed for Jeeps (it wasn't) lies in the situation of the e-Hybrid system's 19hp electric motor in the gearbox, rather than on the rear axle where it would usually be with a Hybrid; that means there's unfortunately no scope for an all-wheel drive Compass e-Hybrid model. But at least there is an electric motor, which means that unlike with an ordinary mild hybrid engine, this one can drive the car on electric power alone - though because the 48-volt battery that's being charged is tiny (just 0.8kWh in size), only at very slow speeds and only for a few hundred yards. It actually does so in lots of ways and Jeep has decided to give names for all of them. 'Silent Start' is when you prod the start button and the car springs into life but the engine doesn't; 'e-Launch' is where the electric motor pushes you off for the first few metres before the engine quickly springs in to help; 'e-Creeping' uses electric power where a conventional petrol auto would creep forward on tick over; 'e-Queueing' will keep you battery-powered in stop-start heavy traffic; and 'e-Parking' will use electric power at parking speeds. If there's any battery charge still left over after all of this by the time you get to the open road, 'e-Boosting' will use it to help acceleration. And to help recharge said battery, recuperated energy is reclaimed when you brake. You can probably guess what that's called - 'e-Braking'.

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