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BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

The independent definitive BMW 2 Series Active Tourer video review
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    LEADING FROM THE FRONT? (some text hidden)

    By Jonathan Crouch

    The 2 Series Active Tourer will be remembered as the first front-wheel drive BMW. Here's the revised version. Jonathan Crouch looks at what's on offer.

    Ten Second Reviewword count: 58

    Front wheel drive and BMW. It's not often you see those words in the same sentence. Equally unusual is the idea of any kind of BMW MPV. We're here though, to look at a car that brings all of these things together, the Munich maker's 2 Series Active Tourer, a five-seat people carrier that's here been usefully updated.

    Backgroundword count: 162

    In 2006, BMW ran an advertisement in many popular magazines. It featured a rabbit with puny back legs and outlandishly big front legs which looked plain wrong, underlined with the caption "That's why we don't have front wheel drives." The message was clear. Cars that sent their power to the front wheels were inherently second rate, an exercise in cost-cutting. Fast forward to today. One of BMW's best selling models is their 2 Series Active Tourer. And it's front-driven. Some may call that hypocrisy, while others recognise that BMW needs to adapt to a changing marketplace. It's also true that BMW has been building and selling front-wheel drive cars for years, albeit with MINI badges rather than BMW roundels on their noses. Almost 20,000 2 Series Active Tourer models have been sold in the UK since the original launch in 2014 and the UK is this model's third best selling market. So it's important for BMW to get this revised model right.

    Driving Experienceword count: 229

    Just because this vehicle drives the front wheels doesn't mean that BMW has decided to go on a manic cost-cutting frenzy. Where you might expect to find a compact torsion beam rear suspension, BMW has instead fitted a much more complex and expensive multi-link rear end. It's almost as if the Bavarians are overcompensating for something. The 2 Series Active Tourer also benefits from a chassis where weight has been taken out where possible with the use of ultra-high strength steels in key stress points. As before, a broad selection of three and four cylinder engines are on offer, plus there's a petrol Plug-in hybrid variant if you want it. For petrol people, there's the three cylinder 218i with 140hp and the four cylinder 220i with 192hp. Beyond that's, there's the 225xe iPerformance Plug-in hybrid, which mates the 218i engine with an 88hp electric motor and puts out a combined 224hp. Diesel buyers are offered three options; the three cylinder 216d with 116hp, plus a couple of four cylinder options, the 150hp 218d and the top 190hp 220d (also available with xDrive 4WD). The mainstream powerplants team up with three transmission types, including a new seven-speed dual-clutch Steptronic unit. BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive is also available. Turbocharging for all four-cylinder units is now a two-stage arrangement involving twin turbos. This enables even quicker engine response with increased efficiency.

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    0-62mph (secs):

    11.1 (216d 5 Door Active Tourer 1.5 Luxury)

    9.3 (218i 5 Door Active Tourer 1.5 Luxury)

    Braked Tow Weight (kg):

    1300 (216d 5 Door Active Tourer 1.5 Luxury)

    1600 (220d 5 Door Active Tourer 2.0 xDrive Luxury Auto)

    CO2 (g/km):

    57 (225xe 5 Door Active Tourer 1.5 Phev Luxury Auto)

    132 (218i 5 Door Active Tourer 1.5 Luxury)


    3 (216d 5 Door Active Tourer 1.5 Luxury)

    4 (218d 5 Door Active Tourer 2.0 Luxury)

    Driven Wheels:

    4 (220d 5 Door Active Tourer 2.0 xDrive Luxury Auto)

    Electric Sunroof (Option cost £):

    787.5 (216d 5 Door Active Tourer 1.5 Luxury)


    6 (216d 5 Door Active Tourer 1.5 Luxury)

    Engine Power (bhp):

    116 (216d 5 Door Active Tourer 1.5 Luxury)

    192 (220i 5 Door Active Tourer 2.0 Luxury Auto)

    Engine Power (ps):

    117.61 (216d 5 Door Active Tourer 1.5 Luxury)

    194.67 (220i 5 Door Active Tourer 2.0 Luxury Auto)

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