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A sales prospecting email is only as good as the information it contains. No previous system for automotive has ever helped you with that. But here’s one that does….

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if, when you wanted to buy something, the seller briefed you on it properly, rather than merely giving you the hard sell?

If that’s how you’re thinking, you can bet your potential customers are wishing the same thing too. So what if, rather than just sending them marketing material, you could instead send them something genuinely useful?

Something that briefed them fully on the merits of your product, with independent video presentations, editorial reports, pictures and data. Something that could also include brochures, plus information on your business and the brands you sell. And an offer that would incentivise the customer to come and see you.

That’s the concept behind the Car & Driving sales prospecting system. It allows your sales people, within a few clicks, to quickly assemble a prospecting email that does all of these things. Using the world’s largest automotive video, editorial and picture libraries.

What is included?

  • Send an unlimited amount of emails. Editable e-mail templates.
  • Bulk & targeted marketing emails.
  • Customizable sales landing pages with your logo.
  • Dedicated user login.
  • Filter your emails according to status – unopened, opened and clicked.
  • Live demo and training provided.
  • Trackable emails (see who has opened and clicked the email)
  • Includes trackable call to action.
  • Access to 1,200 top quality new and used car review videos.
  • Access to written reviews for all makes and models.
  • Access to images for all makes and models.
  • Easily create contact lists.
  • Add document and brochure attachments to any email.

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